UK National Lottery

From Camelot’s Legacy to Allwyn’s Vision

UK NATIONAL LOTTERY’S NEW ERA: A JOURNEY OF TRANSFORMATION The following article was written by Juan Ignacio Grille and published in the Revista Casino magazine (February 2024). It was distributed at the ICE Conference in London and incorporates (amongst others) views from Matt Osgood and Kon Kalemis – members of the Aqueria Int. team.

Emerging Sharia gaming markets

Emerging Sharia Gaming Markets – UAE

The recent announcement by the United Arab Emirates to set up a Gaming Regulatory Body led by veterans of the U.S. Gaming Industry marks a significant shift in the region’s approach to the gaming sector and provides opportunities for Gaming operators to expand on a regional and/or multi-jurisdictional level as other Sharia States are inevitably…

Sports Betting in the age of AI

In our previous article (June 1, 2013), we discussed the evolving European Lotteries’ industry landscape, underscored the prominence of Sports Betting, and highlighted the associated operational complexities traditional lottery operators face. In that post we concluded, that a Cross-European shared services model with multi-jurisdictional platforms could be a viable solution to the challenges faced.…

Catering for the e-commerce transition

Lottery Land Based Distribution Network

It’s been more than a decade now since lottery operators incorporated digital interactive platforms into their distribution network. And consequently reaping the benefits of access to a broader demographic customer base, operational and agent fee savings and a higher level of engagement. However, even in the most established e-commerce markets, the Lottery land based distribution…

Lottery Network Connectivity

Lottery Network Connectivity Challenges

Lottery Network Connectivity Challenges. – We discuss the Lottery Operation’s increasing requirements for data transfer to its Land-Based Distribution Network, the deficiencies of commodity approach to network connectivity supply and the questions that need to be addressed.   While State Lotteries strive to integrate emerging technologies to their land-based business and in doing so, further…

Declining Lottery Engagement

There are Solutions to Declining Lottery Engagement

In this post, we discuss several factors contributing to declining lottery engagement and suggest solutions we have implemented to counteract this phenomenon effectively. Over the past decade, lottery participation rates in mature European markets have been steadily declining. This decline can predominantly be attributed to several factors: Natural Attrition: The traditional lottery customer base is…